I’ll just give this to Stuhlinger.

This is for the mod, I like your new art style, it's fits the new darker feel to this blog.

((Oh thanks! >u< I’m glad you like it!))

I hope they’re gotten over their senseless arguing and stopped throwing petty insults as each other. It seems like you’re the only one able to contain your sanity.

I would… be the same..?

do you have another change of clothes? or are you stuck in what your wearing? im guessing its the second option.

Yes, second option… It’s a pain in the ass.

Strangely, however, I found myself to have grown accustomed to it.

It does not bother me as much as before.

Yo, stop being so cynical.

Oh, I humbly apologize. Excuse my depressing state of mind. It’s silly to act this way in my predicament. Why don’t you go inform the others that they shouldn’t be so cynical? Maybe then I’ll choose to speak to them.

What do you think about Mar x Stu? What are your ships for your other companions.


What if another group of uninfected survivors came by for help? what would you do if a girl in that group likes you?

We’ve all agreed that, if we should ever come across a group of other survivors, we would not trust them. We’ve been through too much to allow any more conflicts to halt our task. We only trust each other.

can you have misty with you for the next five posts? it would be nice to see her again with the adorable genius


i know the situation has been bad and all but what's your favorite candy/sugary sweet?

I despise sweets.